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Two Zero was founded in 2019 by Lancashire County Council to support companies aspiring to grow 20% year-on-year.

The programme helps ambitious Lancashire business leaders to build a company which is resilient, productive, innovative and profitable during a sustained period of high growth.

A small hand-picked cohort is chosen to benefit from tailored growth support. You will be given the tools to access new markets, improve leadership skills, respond to issues, futureproof your business and attract the very best in the game to your team.

During COVID-19, the Two Zero team is working with scaleup businesses to respond, reset their focus and start a new growth journey.

Elite resurgence

The UK’s 5.7 million small and medium sized businesses generate £1.9 trillion for the UK economy. Just 36,510 of these generate £1.3trn, nearly 70% of this.

These high-powered businesses are known as scaleups – businesses with average annual growth in employees or turnover greater than 20% over three years.

During COVID-19, these unique companies will respond with speed and reset with focus, before recovering stronger and ready for a new journey.

For Lancashire, these companies will generate high-powered jobs, improve supply chains and contribute more to the local economy.

If you want to be part of that story, Two Zero wants to work with you.

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The team

Amin Vepari
Programme Manager, Two Zero

Amin has worked with hundreds of ambitious businesses across a variety of growth programmes in Lancashire, helping ambitious businesses to reach their goals.

He leads the Two Zero programme and is a relationship manager to all businesses in current and past cohorts. Through Two Zero, Amin will work with you to design the right support to grow at pace and ensure your business fully benefits.

John Woodruffe
Partner, CUBE Thinking

John has successfully applied his solid track record of achievement in lean manufacturing, sustainable operation and business leadership to his role in managing client relationships.

He is responsible for overseeing the management of operational excellence projects – working with clients to determine priorities, mobilise resources, identify and deliver training needs, support and guide transformations, evaluate impacts and ensure that plans are achieved on-budget and on-time.

Jason Kingston
Partner, CUBE Thinking

A self-confessed bookworm with a passion for economic and business performance, Jason sees a bigger purpose for regions to support the best conditions for growth.

Through a varied career across both public and private sectors, there has been a recurring theme of continuous improvement and the Japanese Kaizen approach. While undertaking Six Sigma and Lean training, Jason realised that years of frustration had a release and that business improvement could make the lives of staff much more fulfilling yet drive business growth.

Liz Tapner, Selnet

Liz Tapner
Chief Executive, Selnet

Liz is recognised as one of the UK’s most influential women in social enterprise. She has enabled multi-stakeholder partnerships and secured over £20m of contracts and opportunities in Lancashire.

As a chartered business adviser and business mentor, Liz has extensive experience of business support programmes having worked for, and with, local authorities across the North West during her career.

Dawn Welham, Selnet

Dawn Welham
Network Co-ordinator, Selnet

Dawn leads on business development, project brand compliance and communications. She has been capacity building in the social enterprise sector in Lancashire for 10 years.

Her work around evidencing the social impact of Selnet enabled to Selnet be recognised as one of the UK’s top 100 Social Enterprises in the NatWest ‘Social Enterprise SE100 Awards’ in 2019.

Jane Dalton, Groundswell Innovation

Jane Dalton
Creative Catalyst, Groundswell Innovation

Jane Dalton has managed brand strategy and innovation projects for companies such as Unilever and Barclays for the past 19 years.
Groundswell Innovation was established in 2018 as an agency specialising in the generation, commercialisation and testing of new ideas. Visa Europe was their first client.

Jane is a Lancashire Board member for the Institute of Directors, an entrepreneur in residence

Simone Roche

Simone Roche MBE
Founder and CEO, Northern Power Women

Simone was honoured in the Queen’s Birthday honours list 2018 in recognition of her dedication and commitment to driving gender equality through her work.

This started with driving the Women 1st Campaign where she became a champion for the Government equalities Office driving the campaign for gender pay gap in tourism and hospitality.

Marc Appleton

Marc Appleton
Food and Drink Specialist, The Growth Company

Before starting his role as a food and drink prescale specialist, Marc worked in the operations management of large retail and hospitality chains across the UK, as well as providing restaurant consultancy for start-ups and new builds.

He has a broad knowledge of the hospitality sector and an extensive network of contacts within the industry.

Alex Mearns

Alex Mearns
Senior Business Adviser, The Growth Company

Alex is an experienced product manager specialising in consumer and commercial credit and small business management. He is knowledgeable in most sectors with direct experience in finance, retail, hospitality and construction.

He leads a team of specialist business advisors with a primary focus on businesses with scale-up ambitions.

Joel Durkin
PR and Marketing Manager, Freshfield

Joel manages marketing and PR for Two Zero, including the creation of the brand, website and overall visibility of the programme. In his role at Freshfield, he also manages several of Freshfield’s other public sector clients including Boost.

Before joining Freshfield, Joel worked as a business journalist including as business editor at North West Business Insider magazine.

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