Women Scaling Up 2022

A unique support programme designed to address the needs of women who are taking their business and career to new heights.

Everyone faces challenges when growing a business, but often, for women, these are different to those facing men. Research shows that woman cite accessing both traditional and venture capital finance, time constraints, balancing caring responsibilities, finding the right mentor and building connections as key barriers.

Women Scaling Up is a unique business support programme which will provide Lancashire female entrepreneurs with the tools, training, experiences and knowledge to scale their business. It will help them to build an amazing team, grow sales 20% year on year, approach finance with confidence, live their best work-life and be a role model for future generations.

The programme is being delivered in partnership with Two Zero, the Lancashire County Council-led scale-up business support service, and Role, a Lancashire business growth consultancy with years of female specific support experience.

The six-month programme starts in September 2022 and will be two thirds funded by Two Zero and Lancashire County Council.

It will bring together 12 female business leaders who will work in both a facilitated peer group setting and one-to-one with experienced executive coaches, and will include visioning, profiling, leadership coaching, goal setting, resilience work, board skills, workshops and industry specific mentoring.

By being part of this programme, you will be part of an inspirational scale-up peer group who can learn, grow and achieve together.


  • Start: September 2022

  • Duration: Six-month programme followed by bimonthly support sessions for a further year

  • Participants: 12

  • Commitment: 44 hours

  • Price: Two thirds funded by Lancashire County Council (businesses to contribute £1,000,)

  • Application deadline: August 18, 2022

Selection criteria

  • Lancashire business

  • Team of 6+

  • Business demonstrating growth and ambition to scale

What does the programme look like?

  • Boardroom masterclasses on key aspects of scale-up including recruitment, action planning and accessing finance

  • DISC profiling of senior team and feedback sessions

  • Executive coaching sessions

  • Residential retreat focusing on leadership, mindset and building resilience

  • Half day outdoor experiential ‘We can do this!’ focused on communication, and goal setting

  • Ongoing facilitated peer group support with other business leaders on the programme

Delivery partner


Programme features

  • The confidence, skills and strategy to turn your growing company into a scaleup

  • Improved communication and leadership skills

  • Executive coaching to help you grow and keep you on track

  • Improved understanding of how to recruit the right team

  • Better understanding and contacts to access external growth finance

  • A mentor who understands your sector and challenges

  • A peer group of supportive women to inspire and share successes

The application date for this programme has now passed. If you would like to be considered for future Two Zero programmes, please contact us.

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